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How to Fix Blender Sculpting not Showing Mask and Brushes not Working

February 08, 2022

Are you trying to sculpt in Blender but none of the brushes seem to be working? Are you using the Mask Tool in Blender sculpting, but the masked area does not...

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Van Gogh Learning Journey

January 20, 2022

Follow Van Gogh's footsteps in his route to learn how to draw and how to paint, his first sketches, his course of actions and more. A detailed study with extracts from his letters.

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Van Gogh Painting Journey (WIP)

November 11, 2021

Van Gogh's route on learning how to paint.

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Van Gogh Journey with The Potato Eaters

November 10, 2021

With The Potato Eaters, Van Gogh's first major work, he wanted to depict peasants as they really were. In this article, let's explore his journey while creating this masterpiece: from the first studies, to the idea until completion and shipment of the painting.

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September 20, 2021

Alfred Reinold Baudisch (Pardall): savant, polymath, software engineer and database architect with 27 years of development experience. Indie game developer and digital artist. See more about the author and what powers this website.

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